Best Practices for Whiteboard Video Legal Marketing

Developing a Whiteboard Video Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm: Tips and Tricks

whiteboard video marketing for law firms
Best practices for whiteboard video legal marketing

Whiteboard videos for lawyer marketing – also known as “explainer” videos – are simple but effective. The attorney stands in front of a whiteboard sketching and explaining a particular concept or service. Through animation, the sketching comes to life, and viewers spring to attention.

The whiteboard video is another aspect of your firm’s social media strategy. You already have a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, at the least. Whiteboard and other types of video allow you to crosspost your link to these social media platforms, along with YouTube. Video integrates with all other types of social media marketing. While there are costs to produce the whiteboard legal marketing videos, distribution costs are virtually free.

Trick: Spend a bit and use syndicators for content sharing.

Video SEO

Your firm uses search engine optimization practices (SEO) for prospective clients to find your website, blog and other online properties. As the number of videos on the internet increases exponentially, that means search results involve video. Use video SEO keywords when titling and describing your video.

Tip: Along with placing the whiteboard video on your website, create a new page for each video to boost SEO possibilities.

Making Clients Comfortable

You want your legal marketing to convert visitors and viewers into clients. Your whiteboard videos should educate the potential client, but also make the person feel comfortable with you. Whiteboard videos must establish a feeling of trust with the client. The best reaction: “This lawyer understands and can help me in my situation.”

Tip: Don’t use animation for the introduction. Just briefly explain who you are.

The Attorney, Not the Firm

In a whiteboard video, the marketing focuses on the attorney, not the firm. That’s crucial, because in many practice areas, clients aren’t interested in the firm per se. They want to see the lawyer in action, and how he or she explains an issue and delivers options.

Tip: No matter the size of the law firm, the brand belongs to the individual. Putting the focus on the firm itself is not productive.

The End Result

The low cost and social media reach of whiteboard videos provide a solid return on investment for your law firm’s marketing dollar.

Check out this personal injury law firm whiteboard video from BOSSVFX as an example.  Let me know what you think and how they might help your firm’s client development.  Call me at (832) 656-0025.

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