What’s Your Law Firm’s Unique Value Proposition?

“What makes your business unique? If you can’t answer that, there’s a pretty firm cap on your growth.” –Jacob McMillen, content strategist, contributor, Crazy Egg

What separates you from the myriad of other law firms that otherwise appear to be just like yours?

You don’t just need to answer this question: you need to express it in a way that instantly grabs a reader’s attention. This statement is called a Unique Value Proposition, and it’s one of the most critical components of any successful marketing strategy.

What is a Unique Value Proposition?

Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a short creative statement that sets your product or service apart from your competitors in some way. Forbes contributor Michael Skok explains the concept very well. “In its simplest terms,” he says,

Why is the UVP so important?

In marketing, every second counts—and with online marketing, even milliseconds count. When someone visits your website, you literally have a few seconds at best to convince them not to click somewhere else. Your best chance of keeping them engaged is a well-written UVP placed at or near the top of your landing page. The same holds true with other marketing materials like emails and brochures.

Tips for crafting an effective UVP

Speak only to your target audience. Don’t try to position your law firm as the answer to everyone’s legal problems. Ever. (“I am God” has already been taken.) Instead, address a specific need within your niche market.

Hone in on how you meet that specific need better than the rest. Again, quoting Jacob McMillen above, “You don’t have to be the best all around. You just have to be better at one thing.”

Express your value creatively and conversationally. Don’t phrase it formally like a “mission statement.” The key is to convey your unique value without the reader realizing what you’re doing. (This article on Wordstream offers several excellent examples and explains why they work.)

If you haven’t yet identified your own unique qualities as a law firm and worked them into a Unique Value Proposition, we urge you to do so for the long-term growth of your firm. If you need assistance or advice in crafting an effective UVP, contact us today. (832) 656-0025.

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