Top 10 Law Firm Marketing Trends for 2017

“The only thing constant is change.” – Heraclitus

Law Firm Marketing Trends 2017

This saying seems tailor-made for the field of marketing, particularly Internet marketing. As technology evolves at an alarming rate, so do the methods by which we exploit it. Search engines are constantly adapting their algorithms to match the changing ways people search online; that means marketing techniques that worked just a few months ago are no longer effective. How can your law firm stay current?

Fortunately for you, it’s our job, not yours, to keep up with all of these changes. We have our finger on the pulse of the online marketing world–to figure out where we are now and where things are headed.

  1. 1. Increased longer-form content

In a world bombarded by tweets and mini-posts, the public is gravitating more toward sophisticated content, and search engines are adapting to match. More law firm websites will focus on more in-depth content with longer word counts.

  1. 2. Quality over quantity

As search engines have gotten smarter about indexing authoritative content, posting keyword-stuffed “fluff” content is obsolete and can even be penalized by Google. Law firms need to produce quality content, even if it means publishing less frequently.

  1. 3. Increase in visual content

Quality images and videos have been seeing more SEO love for several years now. We see that trend continuing as users favor visual content.

  1. 4. More conversational search strings

Voice recognition programs like Siri and Echo are upending the way people search the Internet. Instead of Googling “law offices in Poughkeepsie,” people are asking, “Siri, what are some good law firms in my area?” This conversational dynamic will change the framing of keyword strings.

  1. 5. Mobile optimization

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you may be losing customers, and since Google changed its indexing protocols last year, you’re now losing site ranking as well. The push toward mobile optimization will only increase in 2017.  Mobile search has surpassed desktop search.

  1. 6. Ever-faster load times

The public wants rich content that loads immediately. Even milliseconds of latency can mean fewer conversions. More law firms will seek strategic ways to shave those extra milliseconds off their sites’ load times.

  1. 7. More focus on customer reviews

Consumer ratings remain a top factor in conversion rates as many people look first at a company’s “star rating.”

  1. 8. Resurgence in email marketing

Email is the long-forgotten “work horse” in online marketing. However, more companies are returning to email as a tried-and-true strategy for engaging their clientele.

  1. 9. Emphasis on branding

As the marketplace becomes more cluttered, brand recognition is more important than ever. Many law firms will invest time and money this year to update their branding strategies.

  1. 10. Greater focus on metrics

ROI. Conversion rate. Page views. Bounce rate. In today’s marketing climate, a shift of a few percentage points in any of these metrics can make a huge difference in revenue. Law firms will not only have a clearer grasp on their numbers, but they’ll increase investment to help these metrics improve ~ whether by in-house marketing or outsourcing to a marketing specialist.

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