How Your Law Firm Can Hire the Best SEO Company

How To Hire an SEO Firm Very few lawyers have the necessary understanding of SEO, and how it works, for them to make an informed decision about hiring a competent SEO team. Choosing whatever pops up on Google’s top results page may not necessarily be the best option, nor is going for the an advertisement published in … Continued

Is Content Marketing the New SEO?

Driving Traffic Through Content Marketing – Is Content the New SEO? You often see content marketing described as more of a brand building practice than something that drives traffic. These same marketers say that it’s there to impress your audience and impact visitors once they have arrived but it’s not result-driven enough to drum up … Continued

4 Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Top Tips for Marketing Your Law Firm Law firms frequently operate under the assumption that, given enough time, their skills and reputation will bring them success and a constant supply of new clients. Unfortunately, however, this misconception is not true.  Today, marketing is an essential business component to stay ahead of your competition and maintain … Continued

Are You Ready For An Outsourced Marketing Solution?

Are You Ready For An Outsourced Marketing Solution NOW? In the year prior to becoming president, Honest Abe himself advertised the opening of his law practice. He even gave lectures (for a fee) touting his legal prowess. However, when it came to legal marketing, Lincoln had a distinct advantage over modern law firms: Placing an … Continued

Best Practices for Whiteboard Video Legal Marketing

Developing a Whiteboard Video Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm: Tips and Tricks Whiteboard videos for lawyer marketing – also known as “explainer” videos – are simple but effective. The attorney stands in front of a whiteboard sketching and explaining a particular concept or service. Through animation, the sketching comes to life, and viewers spring to … Continued

Top Tips for Attorneys to Write Better Blogs

You have good intentions.  You know you need to do it.  But somehow writing and publishing blog posts for your law firm seems to get lower and lower on the priority list.  The bad news is that by NOT blogging, you are decreasing your online visibility and the odds potential clients will find you; the … Continued

Want To Step Up Your Law Firm’s Marketing? Read This First.

Search “lawyer marketing help,” go to any legal conference or visit any website catering to the legal marketing industry, and you will be bombarded with enough marketing tactics and strategies to make your head spin.  It’s crazy out there.  And it’s not like they are necessarily bad tactics or strategies either.  Many ideas, if executed … Continued

Top 10 Law Firm Marketing Trends for 2017

“The only thing constant is change.” – Heraclitus This saying seems tailor-made for the field of marketing, particularly Internet marketing. As technology evolves at an alarming rate, so do the methods by which we exploit it. Search engines are constantly adapting their algorithms to match the changing ways people search online; that means marketing techniques … Continued

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