Ideas for Law Firm Whiteboard Video Marketing

5 Clever Ideas for Promoting Your Law Firm’s Whiteboard Videos

Before writing your law firm’s first whiteboard video script, figure out the best ways to promote the piece. That way, you can tailor each whiteboard video to a specific type of promotion.

  1. Social Media Analytics

    Just as “location, location, location” is the mantra for real estate, “social media, social media,

    Whiteboard Explainer Videos for Law Firms

    social media” serves the same purpose when it comes to whiteboard video promotion. Get started by using social media analytic tools, which track your campaign in real time. You’ll know immediately where you’re getting results and where you’re not, so you can concentrate on the successful venues. Analytic platforms help you target specific demographics. A whiteboard video about estate planning seeks a different audience than one regarding personal injury.

  2. The Video Newsletter

    Distribute a monthly – or more frequent – whiteboard video dealing with a specific aspect of one of your practice areas.  Examples are “What to do if you get in a car accident;” “What to do if you get a DWI;” “How XYZ (pharmaceutical drug name) has been known to cause injury;” “What to do if you are injured at work.”  Share the newsletter with clients, potential clients and everyone on your email distribution and marketing lists.

  3. Video Content

  4. Blogs are always in need of content. Offer to supply appropriate blogs with your law firm’s video, or even create whiteboard videos if blogs want to address specific issues.   Following are a few ways to find guest blogging opportunities.
    1. – Use Google searches for “your keyword” “submit a guest post,” or keyword “guestpost,” keyword “accepting guest posts” or keyword “guest post guidelines.”
    2. – Submit to well known legal industry bloggers.
    3. – Do a Twitter search for “guest post.”
    4. – Check out this post on Buzz Blogger with 500 places to syndicate content and this one by Brian Keith May with 100 sites to submit guest posts.  [Source Kissmetrics.]
    5. – Go to My Blog Guest, which is a community of guest bloggers. Sign up for free and search for blogs which are accepting guest posts and post your information to let blog owners know you are looking to write guest posts on a particular topic.
    6. – For many more tips on finding guest blog opportunities, go to Kissmetrics – The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging.
  5. Social Media Charity Campaigns 

    Increasingly common on Facebook, a social media charity campaign allows your firm to pick a cause—preferably a local charity—and donate a dollar for each “like” it receives for a set time period. Your whiteboard video might allude to some way your practice relates to the charity. What’s the upshot? Potential clients will watch your video and likely visit your website and other online media and contact you if they have a legal issue.  Another big benefit is that charity campaigns generate and earn inbound links to your website as well as social sharing for higher firm visibility and conversion.

  6. A Website Library 

    Collect all of your whiteboard videos and include them on your website in a video library. Clients can access them easily and learn more about the legal issue for which they’re seeking help and how you might be able to help them.

Benefit to your firm

On a cost basis, whiteboard video—when deployed strategically—gives you phenomenal value and a higher return (ROI) for your law firm marketing dollars.

For more on how to use or create whiteboard explainer videos for your law firm, call me at (832) 656-0025.


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