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Web Visibility Advisors understands that time is treasure. Our clients can’t spend time going through a pile of brochures and other marketing materials. They can’t field calls from a boiler room of vendor representatives, all promising the same end result. It can be difficult to wade through all the offers and choose the right combination of marketing products for your firm or practice. You want your law firm to grow and prosper, while still keeping your eye on the bottom line.

At Web Visibility Advisors, I am not affiliated with any vendor. This gives me the freedom to provide unbiased advice. I collaborate with my clients to maximize their marketing footprint while minimizing their marketing expenditures.

I have saved my clients thousands of dollars and countless hours of time by vetting, creating and managing marketing portfolios that are efficient, economical and effective.

I limit my services to working with one law firm, per practice area, per city. I use a concentrated and bespoke approach to help you stand out in an over-saturated competitive digital market.

Web Visibility Advisors wants to be all things digital marketing to one law firm, not every law firm.

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I founded Web Visibility Advisors after 20+ years in the legal industry witnessing first-hand the frustration that law firms experience when choosing ill-advised marketing solutions sold by highly commissioned sales representatives. Internet marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and if you’ve ever had doubts or questions about what you’re doing, you’ve probably wasted time and money with costly mistakes or long-term contracts.

My mission is to help law firms stop wasting money on overpriced and under-performing online marketing solutions.

I will help your law firm attract and retain better cases at the most efficient cost while increasing the value of your digital assets and your online visibility. You save the time and frustration of dealing with the minutia of marketing vendors and have more time to practice law.

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