Frequently Asked Questions

I understand the importance of internet visibility, but why should I choose you to lead that effort for my firm?

I’ve helped hundreds of law firms with their online marketing in over 20 years in the legal industry.  I’ve witnessed the frustration that law firms experience after choosing ill-advised marketing solutions sold by highly commissioned sales reps. I only work with one law firm per practice area per metro, and I only work with firms I think I can help. I am not a fit for everybody, nor do I try to be. I do provide a 100% guarantee, so if you’re not happy, simply terminate the relationship (30-day notice) and you keep the digital and strategic plan I provide. I am not affiliated with any vendor. I provide unbiased recommendations to maximize your marketing footprint while at the same time minimizing your marketing expenses.

I have a website. Why should I consider hiring an outsourced Digital Marketing Manager?

A few short years ago, all you needed was a website.  Today, a website is only the beginning of an effective internet presence.  Strategies and tactics have gotten much more sophisticated.   Law firms need to attract, reach, engage and convert potential clients, and each stage has different strategies depending on the demographic and target audience.  Today’s tactics include pay-per-click, landing pages, white papers, eBooks, blogs, social media, video, email opt-in forms, email marketing, retargeting, mobile marketing and campaigns, lead generation, articles, press releases, visual content, webinars, directories, local (Google Maps), content marketing, link building and more.  It’s a constantly changing landscape, and it’s important to know and understand your options to maximize your marketing investment.

How can you guarantee raising my visibility and getting me more clients when most sales reps that walk into my office say the same thing?

I am here to protect you from those situations and conversations. If you choose to do nothing, I guarantee you will fall further behind. I am here to protect your interests, distinguish the noise from the signal and to provide a roadmap to avoid the pitfalls and money wasters. My clients practice law. They have little or no time to wade through the unprecedented amount of marketing materials and/or take calls from a multitude of vendors. I also provide a 100% guarantee.  If you’re not happy, simply terminate the relationship.  I have saved my clients thousands of dollars and countless hours by vetting and forming marketing portfolios that are efficient, economical and effective.

Do you have any allegiances with vendors that will be potentially involved with my project?

No. Every situation, firm and practice is unique.  Solutions are 100% custom and bespoke to the firm.  I only work with one firm, per practice area, per city, and have no allegiances with any vendor that may or may not provide services to your project.

Who should hire Web Visibility Advisors?

Small to medium size law firms that want:

    • a trusted and impartial advisor to help them get better clients;
    • to spend their time generating revenue in their law practice instead of dealing with the interruptions and minutiae of vendors;
    • to increase the value and visibility of their digital assets and increase the overall value of their law firm.

Who is not a good fit for Web Visibility Advisors?

  • Firms who want to control their vendor relationships themselves;
  • Firms who see little benefit in increasing their digital footprint;
  • Firms who are fine working by referrals and who see little or no benefit of having an updated and visible online presence.

How do I know you won’t work with another law firm like mine and use the same strategies?

Most internet marketing vendors do just that. I don’t.  I give my clients the option of confidentiality, and I only work with one law firm per practice area, per metro.

How does it work? When do I pay?

Payment is by credit card authorization at the beginning of the month.  If after your initial report is complete and you want to continue working with me, the first month payment is applied to future services.  I work by monthly retainer, by project or hourly as needed for one-off items.  I try to stay as flexible as possible to suit your needs and budget.

How do I get started?

Call or email and let’s talk! (832) 656-0025 Email Jodi

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