Create an Effective Law Firm Whiteboard Video

Do’s & Don’ts of Using Whiteboard Video Marketing for Your Law Firm

Whiteboard videos are much easier and quicker to produce than traditional video, but they still take careful thought and planning.

Know what to do and what to avoid when whiteboard video marketing

  • Tell a story:

    Story and script are paramount in any Hollywood production, and the same holds true for the whiteboard video. Potential clients respond to stories.  No matter your practice area – family law, criminal, personal injury or bankruptcy – use a compelling narrative to illustrate how you can help clients in similar situations. Take viewers through an emotionally compelling journey showing how you solve their problems and legal issues.

  • Whiteboard animated explainer law firm marketing videos
    Animated explainer videos attract, engage & convert more clients.
  • Concentrate on the target audience:

  • Educate your audience, but don’t go overboard on details. Think about the most important information your audience needs and write the script accordingly. Less is definitely more.  Get to the point of their pain and how you can help.
  • Brand as much as possible:

    Your firm’s name and logo should appear throughout the video. If your firm has a tagline or slogan, use it.  If you’re known in the community, remind viewers of your involvement.

  • Close with a strong call to action:

  • Viewers must know next steps and how to contact you. If you offer a free consultation, emphasize that. If you want the viewer to download an ebook in exchange for giving you his email address, direct him accordingly. Identify and eliminate any constraints preventing prospects from taking action.  Make it easy.

Simple mistakes can cause your target audience to lose focus. Here are some definite don’ts for whiteboard videos:

  • Don’t make long videos:

    Stick to 2 minutes or less (really 30 seconds to a minute is best). People won’t commit to watching long marketing videos.

  • Don’t introduce multiple topics:

    Each video should focus on one topic and one topic only. Adding too many subjects to a video confuses your target audience and dilutes your ability to connect and convert.

  • Avoid using legalese:

  • When writing your script, make sure you aren’t using terms unfamiliar to the average viewer. If you must use such terms, explain what they mean.  Talk in terms of solving their legal issues and problems.
  • Don’t forget to entertain:

  • “Personal injury law” and “bankruptcy” aren’t exactly synonymous with entertainment, but treat the direst subjects in a way that engages the audience and gives them hope. No matter the subject, everything turns out as well as possible for your animated characters. That promise is what you’re marketing to viewers and obviously what you try to deliver to your clients.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize how valuable these whiteboard videos can be for your firm’s marketing outreach. Check out some of these stats on digital video marketing in general.

Law Firm Video Marketing
Digital video marketing delivers more clicks, conversions and clients.


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