Confused by Law Firm Marketing Sales Pitches?

Have you ever felt like you’re getting the run-around from law firm marketing vendors or been confused by sales pitches and deciding which online marketing strategies to use?

Internet marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and if you’ve ever had doubts or questions about what you’re doing, you’ve probably wasted time & money with costly mistakes or long-term contracts.

It’s easy to get confused, even immobilized with regard to implementing new strategies.  There are many scams and many overpriced, under-performing solutions out there.  There are also many highly compensated persuasive sales reps enticing you to trust them who then disappear once the sale is done.  Many tactics and strategies, if executed well, could yield strong results for your firm, but it’s hard to filter the noise from the real deal.

Where to begin?  What should you avoid doing? What technology should you use?  What is “good enough” and when do you start falling behind?  Attorney marketing is one of the most competitive landscapes in organic, pay-per-click (PPC) and local search results.  Save yourself the headache, time and money, by downloading and reading this Lawyer Marketing 101 whitepaper.  It outlines choices for you and can help clarify your smart options.

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