Even Camera Shy Attorneys Benefit from Whiteboard Video

Camera Shy? No Problem. How Attorneys are Crushing It with Whiteboard Video Marketing

 Whiteboard explainer videos posted on your website, social media, newsletter, landing pages and other online properties will not only inform, delight and engage your viewers, but also increase your online visibility and attract more clients.

Whiteboard explainer attorney videos
Whiteboard explainer videos increase law firm visibility and attract more clients.


We all know video marketing is a vital law firm marketing method, but not everyone’s comfortable in front of the camera.  If that sounds like you, your firm can incorporate whiteboard explainer videos. Other than a brief introduction and a closing call to action, animation and voiceovers comprise the bulk of whiteboard videos.  There’s no reason a successful whiteboard video needs an actual human appearance.

All-Animation Videos

Standard legal marketing whiteboard videos using an attorney as the “star” emphasize the individual practitioner rather than the firm. If you want to focus on the firm rather than the lawyers, an all-animation video is the way to go. Rather than focusing on Tom Brown and his personal injury practice, an all-animation video can tout the services of Brown & Green and their record in gaining top results compensation and justice for their clients.

Animated Attorneys

If you want to appear in your whiteboard video in some way, but don’t want to do it in person, do so with animation.  Since you’re busy with your law practice appearing as an animated character in the video is a more efficient use of your time. Another plus – animated attorneys or clients may appear in any gender, race or ethnicity desired. These diversity options may help to target different demographics.


If you don’t want to appear in front of the camera but want the video to sound like you, you can provide the narration. If you’d rather have someone else narrate, choose someone at the firm with a good voice or hire a voiceover artist. You can find good voiceover artists online for reasonable fees.

The Payoff

Attorneys using whiteboard videos for their legal marketing are finding outstanding conversion rates for their firms. Doubling of conversion rates over other forms of marketing is not unusual. Animated video costs very little, and the turnaround time is quick, even when including script-writing. Low cost, fast service and high conversion rates – you can’t afford not to do use whiteboard video marketing for your law firm.  The video I created took about a week to create.

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