4 Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Top Tips for Marketing Your Law Firm

Law firms frequently operate under the assumption that, given enough time, their skills and reputation will bring them success and a constant supply of new clients. Unfortunately, however, this misconception is not true.  Today, marketing is an essential business component to stay ahead of your competition and maintain a steady stream of clients. 

A good marketing campaign can make any law firm stand apart from its competition and attract new clients regularly.  Even if it seems like your law firm doesn’t need any improvements to its marketing, chances are that you do. Here are four tips that you can use to update your firm’s marketing strategy. 

Valuable Content

At the core of every successful digital marketing campaign, be it social media, email, or inbound, is the content you create.  Valuable content can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful online marketing campaign. 

When we say valuable content, we refer to material that is useful to your personal or professional audience that answers fundamental questions they may have about a particular legal matter.  Valuable content contrasts with content created only for the sake of creating it without defining purpose or intent.

One good example of valuable content is a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website. This page should contain the questions clients most frequently ask you.  Relevant content also includes regular blog posts as well as eBooks, white papers, infographics, “how-to’s” and more.  

Having a Practice Page for Each Service

Even if a law firm specializes in one practice area, for example family law, they may also offer services such as prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, divorce services, custody arrangements, estate planning, etc. And while all of these may fall under the umbrella term of family law, many potential clients may not know the various sub-practice areas. 

That’s why it’s critical each of these services are readily accessible (and easy to locate) when a client lands on your firm’s website.  If a person needs information about a custody matter but doesn’t immediately find it, they will be inclined to leave your website ASAP.  Don’t allow that to happen by having landing pages or sections for each specific service your firm offers.  


Lawyers can often get bad reviews by disgruntled former clients.  Fortunately, however, the effect of negative reviews can be improved by adding testimonials on your website. These testimonials and other forms of social proof will significantly improve the firm’s credibility and reputation for anyone considering calling or hiring you. 

Ask several of your satisfied clients to describe in a few sentences how you helped them with their legal issues. Even if this may not seem like much at first glance, they can help you much.

Video Content

By its very nature, video content is engaging. Use video content on both social media and your website to attract and keep prospective clients on your site.  An additional advantage of videos is they provide clarity of subject matter and make things feel real. Video testimonials, for instance, can have a more significant impact on the viewer than a few lines of text since they also contain the emotion expressed by your satisfied client.  Prospective clients often have not ever hired a lawyer, and videos help them get to know you better to reduce any reluctance to contact you.


Marketing for law firms is not all that different than marketing in other industries. Nevertheless, some fundamental differences make it more difficult for lawyers to market themselves effectively and ethically. If you want to learn more, please feel free to download our whitepaper on how to achieve success with your law firm’s marketing strategy. 

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