Lawyer Marketing To-Do (or not to-do?)

 It’s a jungle out there and while many online marketing vendors can help you, many will take your money then disappear with their overpriced and under-performing “solutions.” If you have questions about certain vendors, or just trying to figure out the best direction to go – which strategy to use, what tactic is best, how … Continued

Top Tips for Attorneys to Write Better Blogs

You have good intentions.  You know you need to do it.  But somehow writing and publishing blog posts for your law firm seems to get lower and lower on the priority list.  The bad news is that by NOT blogging, you are decreasing your online visibility and the odds potential clients will find you; the … Continued

The Best Times to Post on Social Media 2017

Timing is everything (in life) and definitely in social media.  Why waste time posting your valuable content when prospective clients aren’t around to see it?   Plus, larger audiences means higher visibility for your firm and more opportunities to drive traffic and gain followers and potential new clients.   There are many factors to consider such … Continued

Want To Step Up Your Law Firm’s Marketing? Read This First.

Search “lawyer marketing help,” go to any legal conference or visit any website catering to the legal marketing industry, and you will be bombarded with enough marketing tactics and strategies to make your head spin.  It’s crazy out there.  And it’s not like they are necessarily bad tactics or strategies either.  Many ideas, if executed … Continued

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