Top 10 Law Firm Marketing Trends for 2017

“The only thing constant is change.” – Heraclitus This saying seems tailor-made for the field of marketing, particularly Internet marketing. As technology evolves at an alarming rate, so do the methods by which we exploit it. Search engines are constantly adapting their algorithms to match the changing ways people search online; that means marketing techniques … Continued

Understanding How Law Firm Marketing Works

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting your branding right. You’ve compiled a solid email list. You’ve built a terrific looking website with plenty of rich content. You’ve even seen some increase in new clients. From all accounts, you’ve done everything right with regard to marketing your law firm. So why isn’t your … Continued

What’s Your Law Firm’s Unique Value Proposition?

“What makes your business unique? If you can’t answer that, there’s a pretty firm cap on your growth.” –Jacob McMillen, content strategist, contributor, Crazy Egg What separates you from the myriad of other law firms that otherwise appear to be just like yours? You don’t just need to answer this question: you need to express … Continued

Confused by Law Firm Marketing Sales Pitches?

Have you ever felt like you’re getting the run-around from law firm marketing vendors or been confused by sales pitches and deciding which online marketing strategies to use? Internet marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and if you’ve ever had doubts or questions about what you’re doing, you’ve probably wasted time & money with costly … Continued

Ready, Set, Launch

Welcome to Web Visibility Advisors! We are excited to share our new web presence with you. Take a look around! It is an easy way to gain an understanding of how our smart lawyer marketing can help your law firm stand out from the crowd. Web Visibility Advisors has experience and expertise in that area, … Continued

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